Lion Adaptations: Lesson for Kids

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Mary Beth Burns

Mary Beth has taught 1st, 4th and 5th grade and has a specialist degree in Educational Leadership. She is currently an assistant principal.

How did lions get to be known as the 'king of the jungle'? Well, they have many adaptations that have enabled them to be so revered and powerful. Come and learn about some of these adaptations in this lesson.

Lion Family

The people who raise you play a major role in teaching you the ways of the world. They teach you things like how to ride a bike, table manners, and how to read. In some ways, you grow up much like a baby lion. Lion parents teach their children, or cubs, how to survive in the wild. When a lion is just a little cub, it watches the grownup lions to learn how to hunt for food and defend themselves. After only a few years, the lion cub can do these things on its own.

Unlike human beings, lions are forced to grow up pretty quickly. Around the age of two, males move away from the family and start their own. A pride is the name for a lion family. A pride is made up of anywhere between 3 to 30 lions. The value of the pride is very high among lions. They teach one another, and they make sure everyone in the pride is well-fed and protected.

A pride lounging around together


One of the most important things that a lion does is hunt for its food. Without the ability to hunt, the lion would go hungry and die. There are many adaptations that help them with hunting. For one thing, lions are nocturnal. This means that they hunt at night, which allows them to sneak up on their prey more easily than during the day. It also means that the lion doesn't have to worry about getting too hot from the sun during hunts.

A lion's body was built to hunt. Their paws have sharp claws that make it easy to kill their prey. Their claws are retractable, meaning that the claws can go back inside of their paws when the lions are not using them. This way, the lion doesn't get hurt or scratched by accident when it isn't hunting.

Check out those sharp claws!

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