Listening Exercises for Children

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Teaching children to listen takes time and repetition. The more fun you can make it for your students, the more effective the listening activities can be. Use the suggestions in this lesson to engage your class in listening exercises.

The Importance of Learning to Listen

Children have varying levels of listening ability, based on age and development level. However, children can learn to listen by practicing and engaging in fun and interactive games. Learning to listen can help kids follow instructions, communicate more effectively, and enhance their comprehension. Listening may not come naturally to some children, but all children can become better at listening with practice.

Listening Exercises for Children

Use the ideas below to create entertaining activities that can help kids strengthen their ability to listen.

Stop and Go

This activity is a spin-off of traditional musical chairs. Play music for the children and have them move around the room. It may be in an organized fashion, as if moving in a circle, or could be independent actions. When the music stops, they freeze. In this game, kids are not eliminated. The goal is to teach kids to listen for the music and respond by moving their body.

Listen for a Word

The point of this activity is to encourage kids to focus on one word, or a group of words while you read them a story. Have the kids sit in a circle and have a stuffed animal that will be easy to pass. When the kids hear a word, they pass the stuffed animal to the right. For younger children, you may pick a very simple word that the kids can easily remember. For older kids, you could add ''right'' and ''left'' as the key words. As you read the story, each time you read ''right'' the kids move the stuffed animal to the right. When you say ''left'', the child who has the animal hands it to the student on his or her left. You may need to alter the story to ensure there are plenty of directional words. The more frequent the change, the more fun the kids have. This teaches kids to listen and respond to what they have heard.

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