Listening Skills Games for College Students

Instructor: Nora Jarvis

Nora has a Master's degree in teaching, and has taught a variety of elementary grades.

Developing listening skills is very important for students of all ages, even college students! Use these engaging games to help students develop stronger listening skills.

Why Use Games?

You might think that using games in your class is something best suited for younger students. But even college students enjoy learning and practicing new skills with games. The games in this lesson will help students develop and hone listening skills. After each game, you should have a debriefing session. In this debriefing, students can discuss their strengths and challenges while playing the game. It works best to play a game, debrief, and then have students play another game. This way they'll be able to analyze their listening skills and then try to get better.

Blind Building


  • Tangram tiles, enough sets for each student
  • Cardboard dividers, one for each pair of students


  1. Divide into pairs and hand out the tangram tiles and cardboard dividers
  2. One student uses the tiles to make a design, hiding it from the other student using the cardboard divider
  3. The other student then has to build the same design without seeing what it looks like
  4. Students ask each other questions and describe the design without being able to see
  5. When students think they've recreated the design, lift up the cardboard divider and see how close they were!

Get to Know You Interview


  • Paper, pencils


  1. This lesson is intended to be done on the first day of class or near the beginning of the course
  2. Divide students into pairs, making sure to group students who don't know each other well
  3. Students interview each other and write down their partner's responses
  4. At the end of the interviews, students go around and introduce their partner to the rest of the class

Lego Building


  • Bags of Lego blocks (or another type of building block), enough for each group
  • Instructions for building different Lego structures (these can be found online or inside the boxes)


  1. Divide students into groups of 4
  2. For each group, give two students the instructions and the other two students the Lego blocks; explain that they aren't allowed to look at or touch the other item
  3. The students with the instructions need to explain to the other students how to build the Lego structure
  4. Whichever group finishes first wins the game

Pass the Ball


  • Large ball

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