Listening Techniques for Business Networking

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Listening is the foundation for business networking. Use the steps in this less to create a perfect environment to grow relationships and strengthen connections with other people.

Listening Techniques for Business Networking

It's one thing to meet new people. It's another thing to create relationships. Building business relationships takes conscious efforts. Listening is one of the key steps in business networking. By strengthening your listening skills, you can build a foundation for trust, engagement, and solid communication.

Let's imagine you are a loan officer and meeting with other banking professionals at a local association meeting. You meet Allen, the Vice-President from one of your partner banks. You want to make a good impression and start a professional friendship with Allen. There are three steps critical in your interactions with Allen.

Focus Your Attention

There are several people talking to Allen, and you want to stand out. You notice that when Allen speaks, several of the people in the group are distracted and watching others in the room. However, you focus your attention on what he is saying, listening to his stories and the message he is sharing. By being a good listener, you give your attention to him and make mental notes of what he is saying. This allows you to refer back to his points later on or follow up with him later.

Ask the Right Questions

To be effective in business networking, you need to know what questions to ask others. You can use some of the questions below to keep the conversation going and learn more about others:

What type of business are you in?

What are your biggest opportunities?

Where do you see the greatest growth in the next year?

What has been your greatest growth in the last year?

These questions can get you started. Once the conversation is flowing, you can take cues from what the other person is saying and ask more questions related to their comments. Asking the right questions involves focusing on the other person, asking questions that are specific to them, and showing interest in what they are saying.

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