Listening to Someone Give Directions in Spanish

Instructor: Manuel Ruiz

Manuel has taught and written curriculums for several educational organizations for over 10 years and has a master's degree in Biology.

In this lesson we will learn how to give directions in Spanish by first going through some essential phrases and then listening to someone give directions in three conversations.

Be Prepared

Thinking of traveling to a Spanish-speaking country? You probably have an itinerary of where to go or what to do, but it might be a good idea to learn some words for directions in case you get lost and have to ask around.

First of all, when asking for directions, remember that when addressing someone that you don't know, address to them formally. For example, you can start by saying buenos dias (good morning), buenas tardes (good afternoon), or buenos noches (good evening). You could also say something like disculpe, which is the equivalent in English to 'excuse me'. Okay, let's begin now.

Common Phrases

  • Siga derecho - Keep straight (pronounced: SEE-ga deh-REH-cho)
  • Continue derecho - Continue straight (pronounced: con-tin-YOU deh-REH-cho)
  • De vuelta a la derecha - Make a right (pronounced: deh boo-EL-ta ah la deh-REH-cha)
  • De vuelta a la izquierda - Make a left (pronounced: deh boo-EL-ta ah la is-key-ERR-da)
  • Siga derecho dos cuadras - Keep straight for two blocks (pronounced: SEE-ga deh-REH-cho dose quah-dras)
  • De vuelta en la luz - Make a turn at the light (pronounced: deh boo-EL-ta en la loose)

Okay are you ready to practice now? Let's start!

Practice Examples

En Camino a el Supermercado (On Our Way to the Supermarket).

Zack: ¡Hola! (Hello!) ¿Disculpe, me podria ayudar por favor? (Excuse me. Would you help me please?)

Bystander: Si. Claro. ¿En que le puede ayudar? (Yes. Of course. How can I help you?)

Zack: Estoy buscando el supermercado. (I am looking for the supermarket.)

Bystander: El supermercado esta cerca de aqui. (The supermarket is nearby.)

Zack: ¿Me podria decir como llegar for favor? (Would you tell me how to get there please?)

Bystander: Siga derecho y en la luz, de vuelta a la izquierda. (Keep going straight and at the light make a left.)

Zack: Okay - sigo derecho y en la luz a la izquierda. (Okay, I keep going straight and I'll make a left at the light.)

Bystander: Correcto. (Correct.)

Zack: Gracias. (Thank you.)

En Camino al Mall (On Our Way to the Mall)

Joe: ¡Hola! ¿Me podría ayudar a llegar al mall por favor? (Hello! Would you please help me get to the mall?).

Jane: Claro. (Sure.) El mall se encuentra a dos millas de aqui. (The mall is two miles away from here.)

Joe: ¿Dos millas de aqui? (Two miles away from here?)

Jane: Si (Yes). Siga derecho y en la luz de vuelta a la derecha (Stay straight and at the light make a right.)

Joe: ¿Entonces, sigo derecho y en la luz voy a dar vuelta a la derecha? (So, I keep going straight and at the light I will make a right?)

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