Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in teaching. She previously taught high school in several states around the country.

Research has found that increased exposure to literature in the early years is pivotal in helping develop a love and strength of reading and writing. These activities will expose your preschool students to elements of literacy.

Literacy in the Early Years

You've probably heard the statistics about the importance of exposing children to reading at a young age. Exposing all of your preschool students to books will make them more confident in reading, develop a love of books and help make them be better students for years to come. In this resource you will find three activities to help incorporate reading and writing into your preschool classroom. There are opportunities for group and individual work in this resource.

Letter Match Easter Eggs

In this activity, your preschool students will work in groups to master their uppercase and lowercase letters. You should use this activity after you have introduced all letters of the alphabet to your students and they are familiar with what the letters look like.

Before class, collect several dozen Easter eggs that are a variety of colors. Your students will be working in groups of four and you want enough so that each group will have 26 eggs. Write an upper case letter on the top half of the egg and a lower case letter on the bottom half. Each set of eggs should include 26 eggs with one letter of the alphabet on each. After creating the sets of eggs, break the eggs into the two parts.

Divide students into groups of four. Give each group a set of eggs. As a reminder, the eggs should not be put together, so they will begin with 52 pieces. Instruct students to put the eggs together by matching the correct upper case and lower case letters. As a hint, the eggs should be one color when students correctly match the letters. After they finish, have the group members check all of the eggs to make sure it is done correctly.

  • If this is too easy for your students, you could make the groups smaller or have the groups race one another to see who can do it the fastest.
  • Alternative for more advanced students, make the upper case and lower case letters to be different colors so that the students are not just matching colors.
  • Materials Needed: Easter eggs with letters

C is for Cat

For this activity, you will be reading an ABC book to the students and then have them do an art activity with one of the letters.

Begin by selecting an ABC book for students to read. There are hundreds to choose from; you may want to pick one that is different or is tailored to a season or activity your students love.

After reading the book to the class, each student will be given one letter from the book and instructed to create their own image for that letter. For example, if a student is assigned the letter C, and in the ABC book it says ''C is for cat,'' they will draw a picture of a cat on their paper.

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