Locomotor Skills Lesson Plan for Physical Education

Instructor: Carrin Hahn

Carrin taught 3rd grade for ten years, worked as a learning specialist with K-5 students, and has a Master's degree in Elementary Education.

Get ready to move! In this lesson, the students will learn locomotor skills that are essential to coordination and to movements they will need for activities and sports as they grow up.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this lesson, the kindergarten or first grade students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate different locomotor skills
  • Compare and contrast locomotor skills to show how they are alike and different


60 minutes

Curriculum Standards

Please note that each state has different standards for Physical Education. Please consult your state's standards to ensure proper alignment.

Vocabulary and Phrases

  • Locomotor
  • Skills
  • Galloping
  • Side-sliding
  • Leaping
  • Skipping


  • Cones and/or colored tape to mark the start and stop lines
  • First aid kit in case of falls
  • Appropriate music for the age group


  • Gather the students for a short discussion. Ask the students the following questions:
    • What are skills? What is a skill needed for cooking dinner? What is a skill needed for being a teacher?
    • What does 'locomotor' mean? Explain that the movements they are going to work on will help make them coordinated and able to engage in many activities and sports.
  • Explain that they will learn (or review) the names of some of the locomotor skills and have a chance to practice them.
  • Say the name of each skill before you demonstrate it for the students. When you demonstrate, make sure you tell the students specific things they need to be careful about. (For example, 'Don't hop too high on one foot or you might fall when you land.')

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