Lord of the Flies Chapter 11 Questions

Instructor: Jason Lineberger

Jason has 20 years of education experience including 14 years of teaching college literature.

Are you looking for discussion questions for Chapter 11 of ''Lord of the Flies''? You've found them! These questions are broken down by Bloom's Revised Taxonomy, so you can work from factual recall to more complex and rich class discussions.

Levels of Thinking

Many teachers use Bloom's Revised Taxonomy to distinguish between different levels of thinking. One reason for this is to promote higher levels of thinking and questioning. The questions below are arranged by the categories of the taxonomy, so you can ensure that you're giving students increasingly challenging questions to discuss.

Level 1 - Remember

  • Ralph leads the remnants of his tribe to confront Jack. What does Ralph bring with him, and what does he want to get back from Jack?
  • How does Roger attack Piggy? What happens when he does?
  • Who remains in Ralph's tribe at the end of the chapter?

Level 2 - Understand

  • The chapter begins with Ralph trying, unsuccessfully, to light the fire. Explain why he's unable to get it lit.
  • What forces Ralph to run away at the end of the chapter?
  • Why do Sam and Eric join Jack's tribe?

Level 3 - Apply

  • Explain the significance of the title of this chapter, ''Castle Rock.''
  • Ralph has suffered the loss of his tribe, the loss of order, and the loss of a friend. If he were to plot revenge, what might he do?
  • Foreshadowing is when an author gives the reader hints about future events. How was Roger's attack on Piggy foreshadowed?

Level 4 - Analyze

  • The conch has held symbolic importance since early in the novel. What does the destruction of the conch mean?
  • Take a close look at the way Jack and Ralph fight. What does their fight reveal about their characters and how they've been changed over the course of the novel? Pay attention both to how they fight and what they say as they struggle.
  • Does Roger mean to take control of Jack's tribe? Cite evidence in the chapter that would confirm or refute this idea.

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