Lord of the Flies Chapter 12 Questions

Instructor: Jason Lineberger

Jason has 20 years of education experience including 14 years of teaching college literature.

These discussion questions will help you teach the final chapter of Lord of the Flies. They begin with factual recall questions and move through the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Levels of Thinking

If you want to ensure that you're asking higher order questions, it helps to have a system to use to classify the questions you ask. Most teachers use Bloom's Revised Taxonomy to do that, and some teacher evaluation instruments even use Bloom's as well! The questions below are tiered to the taxonomy, allowing you to hit various levels of thought in a lesson.

Level 1 - Remember

  • Ralph, who begins the chapter being hunted in the jungle, finds the pig's head, the 'Lord of the Flies.' What does he do with it?
  • When Jack can't get to Ralph, who is hiding in some dense brush in the jungle, what new approach does he take to get to his enemy?
  • Ralph runs to the beach to escape the hunters and finds someone unexpected. Who does he find on the beach?

Level 2 - Understand

  • What brought the naval officer to the island?
  • When the naval officer finds Ralph on the beach, he reacts with a mixture of emotions. Explain what he seems to feel at the sight of Ralph and the members of Jack's tribe.
  • When Ralph is hiding in the thicket, how do Jack's hunters know where to find him?

Level 3 - Apply

  • Situational irony comes up when there's tension between what actually happens in the story and what you, as the reader, expected to happen. Explain the situational irony of the boys' rescue at the end of the novel.
  • Deus ex machina is a literary device. When writers put characters in a terrible situation and then suddenly, out of nowhere, they give the characters a way out, that's deus ex machina. Explain how that term applies to the end of Lord of the Flies.
  • A literary motif is an idea that keeps appearing throughout a book. Explain how the motif of predator and prey functions in this final chapter of the novel.

Level 4 - Analyze

  • Percival, one of the 'littleuns' in the group, was only able to say his name and address earlier in the novel. Now, when he approaches the naval officer he ''...sought in his head for an incantation that had faded clean away.'' In other words, he no longer remembers his name. Explain the significance of this moment, in terms of the big ideas of the novel.
  • Contrast the officer's expectations of the boys with their reality.
  • Why don't the boys celebrate when the naval officer arrives to rescue them?

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