Lunar Eclipse Activities & Games

Instructor: Nora Jarvis

Nora has a Master's degree in teaching, and has taught a variety of elementary grades.

A lunar eclipse can be exciting to your students, but since it is rarely seen, it can also be a bit mysterious. Use these activities and games to shed light on the mysterious lunar eclipse for your students.

Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves behind the Earth and into its shadow, which makes the moon appear to fade away. Many of your students will not have seen a lunar eclipse in real life, so it's important to help them understand how the eclipse is created and what it looks like. The following activities and games will help you get started.

Lunar Eclipse One Truth and Two Lies

With your students, discuss the conditions under which a lunar eclipse can happen. Important topics to cover are that the moon needs to be full and that the Earth, sun, and moon need to be aligned with the Earth between the sun and the moon.

Pass out 3 notecards to each student. On their notecards, your students draw 3 different diagrams. Two of the diagrams should be 'lies' in that they are not the correct conditions for a lunar eclipse to happen. One diagram should correctly show a lunar eclipse. Students exchange their cards with other students, then they have to try to figure out which one is the correct diagram and explain why the other two are not.

Lunar Eclipse Class Dictionary

As a class, decide on a list of vocabulary words related to lunar eclipses. Ensure that important words like umbra and aligned are included. Divide your students into pairs and assign 1-2 words for each pair. They will work together to create a page for each word, which will go in a class dictionary.

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