Lyrical Poetry: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Donald Nicolas
In this lesson you'll learn how authors write two types of lyrical poems: the haiku and the sonnet. You will also learn how writers use mood and emotion in lyrical poetry. Let's learn more now.

Lyrical Poetry

Take a second and think about your favorite song. Got it? Did you know some of your favorite songs are actually poems? The song you have playing in your head is also a poem, a lyrical poem. A lyrical poem is a poem that includes your thoughts and personal feelings about a subject or an idea.

People used to sing songs with a musical instrument called a lyre (sounds like liar), which is where the word lyrical comes from. The words of their songs would become what is known as lyrical poetry!


There are some early examples of lyrical poems in ancient Europe, and in those times lyrical poems often rhymed. (Rhyming words are words that end with the same sound, such as ate and crate.)

Lyrical poems can either be written with rhyme or without rhyme. Some of your favorite songs do not rhyme, but you can still understand the writer's emotion. Emotion is a word used to describe how someone is feeling. This is what you have to think about when you're reading or writing a lyrical poem. You have to understand what feelings are being shared in the poem.

Look at the poem below:

'Cheery and bright

The birds have been singing throughout the night

I love the smell of crisp, morning air

A lovely day with family I will share'

The author of this poem is in a happy mood. Look at the kind of words that support the mood of the poem: cheery, lovely. Mood is another word for emotion.

There are different kinds of lyrical poems. Two of these kinds of poems are: sonnets and haiku poems.

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