Major Cities of The British Isles on a Map

Instructor: Matthew Bergstresser

Matthew has a Master of Arts degree in Physics Education. He has taught high school chemistry and physics for 14 years.

England and Scotland share the big island in the British Isles. In this lesson we will learn where eight major cities are in England, and where one city is in Scotland.

England and Scotland

When I hear the name England, I think of London. Big Ben, fish and chips, and the London Eye Ferris wheel. When I hear the name Scotland, I think of the Loch Ness monster, which probably doesn't exist, but it is still fun to think about. Unfortunately, the contest you just entered isn't going to either of those places. Contest? Yes, a scavenger hunt across England and Scotland. You are to get the following:

  1. A Cadbury chocolate bar from Birmingham, England
  2. A ticket for a ferry ride on the Bristol Ferry in Bristol, England
  3. A selfie of you with St. Valentine's casket in Glasgow, Scotland
  4. A receipt for a mousetrap purchase in Leeds, England
  5. A video of you singing your favorite Beatles song on Penny Lane in Liverpool, England
  6. An egyptology pamphlet from the University of Manchester in Manchester, England
  7. A picture of you with the Angel of the North statue in Newcastle, England
  8. A Picture of you standing on the granite slab engraved with ''Mayflower 1620'' in Plymouth, England
  9. A receipt for a fish and chips meal from Southampton, England

Let's take the shortest route between cities. A map will help us determine the route.

Order of travel

Whoever gets to Glasgow first wins!

1 - Plymouth, England

The Mayflower left England for America in 1620, so it is appropriate that we start our scavenger hunt in Plymouth. It's 7:00 AM.

Engraving of the Mayflower

The engraving is what the Mayflower looked like. I will let you find the granite slab in Plymouth engraved with ''Mayflower 1620''.

2 - Southampton, England

You quickly found the Mayflower slab, and now you drive northeast from Plymouth towards Southampton. Basically, you will be following the coastline, and without traffic you will reach Southampton in about 3 hours. You can have an early lunch when you get there. Be sure to drive on the left side of the road! And remember, fish and chips is what's for lunch. Keep the receipt for the scavenger hunt.

Fish and Chips

3 - Bristol, England

Fish and chips are good, aren't they? If you want to win, you can't hang around, so you head out towards Bristol. It is about a two-hour drive northwest from Southampton. Be on the lookout for the ferry so you can buy a ticket. Take a peek at the Avon River, and get moving!

4 - Birmingham, England

You notice something in Bristol that could let you see more of England instead of watching the road while driving. Birmingham is 97 miles to the northeast, and there is a train that heads straight there. It roughly takes the same amount of time to drive or take the train, so why not take the train and relax? It leaves at 2:45 PM so you are just going to make it!

You are awoken in Birmingham at 4:15 PM when the train comes to a stop. You fell asleep! That's okay because you can get that candy bar from the Cadbury factory to wake you up. Don't throw away the wrapper! When you get out of the Cadbury store you quickly hire a car, and head northwest to Liverpool.

5 - Liverpool, England

To avoid toll roads, you took a little longer route. You arrive in Liverpool at 7:15 PM. The sun is still shining brightly because it is summer, and the sun doesn't set until after 9:30. You find Penny Lane, and do your best rendition of ''Penny Lane''. You aren't embarrassed because all of this traveling has made you tired again! I think this is far enough for day 1. You find a place for some dinner, and its lights out at the nearest hotel on the Mersey River.


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