Making the Most of Networking Opportunities

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  • 0:03 Making the Most of Networking
  • 0:18 Best Networking Opportunities
  • 0:41 Steps for Networking
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield
Networking can be incredibly effective if the proper steps are taken. Use the suggestions in this lesson to make the most out of your next networking activity and expand your contacts.

Making the Most of Networking

Networking is a fun and effective way for meeting others and knowing people with a vast range of experiences and knowledge. As you network, use the steps in this lesson to make the most of networking opportunities.

Best Networking Opportunities

Each community will have unique and helpful networking opportunities. Start with the local Chamber of Commerce. This organization is created to bring business professionals together. While attending the Chamber meeting, ask the participants what other networking activities they participate in. You'll soon gather a list of possible networking options and determine which activities are best for your needs.

Steps for Networking

There are a few of key things you need to have ready when networking:

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