Management in Veterinary Medicine

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
This lesson will go over some of the management personnel you may encounter at a veterinary hospital, including the office manager, practice manager, medical director, and hospital administrator.

Management in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary hospitals and clinics are no different than any other business in many respects. A hospital cannot provide a medical service and quality care if it doesn't turn a profit, and that profit depends on a team of people working together.

However, who is responsible for overseeing that team of people and making sure they do their job right so the hospital can turn a profit and therefore provide a good service? Managers! We'll discuss the kinds of senior personnel that may be found in veterinary hospitals.

Office Managers

Let's meet Donna, our veterinary hospital's office manager, a member of a veterinary hospital or clinic that is responsible for many roles, including overseeing the receptionist team. While an office manager's roles may vary a bit from hospital to hospital, Donna is a great example of the many things an office manager may be tasked with doing. Today, Donna has a lot of good stuff on her plate, even after breakfast, so let's follow her through the day to see what she does.

First, Donna has a short morning meeting with the receptionist team to address an issue. Some people have been coming in late to work, and that has really hurt customer service.

After the meeting, Donna has to interview a new employee whom she really likes but after that, she has to conduct employee reviews. Not all of her staff will be getting great performance evaluations, especially the ones who constantly come in late.

With that out of the way, Donna needs to turn her attention to some of the financial aspects of her job. She has to handle the accounts receivable of the practice, which is a current asset account that shows how much customers owe the practice. She also has to handle any bank deposits and daily reconciliations.

In review, an office manager is a person often times responsible for things like handling accounts receivable, dealing with angry clients with a lot of patience, and educating and training their staff.

Practice Managers

Depending on the clinic or hospital Donna works in, her office manager role may sometimes overlap with the roles of Don, the practice manager. A practice manager is an individual working at a veterinary hospital who ensures the practice runs smoothly by facilitating and managing functions related to the medical, business, and human resources side of the hospital. Let's see what Don has to do today.

First, Don has to alter the procedures manual based on an incident that occurred last week. It resulted in one of the veterinary assistants getting bit, so Don consults with everyone to create some new protocols to make sure that doesn't happen again. The procedure manual outlines how to avoid incidents like this as well as hospital, staff, and client rules. Don also needs to the review the personnel manual, which outlines the dress code, employee expectations and job descriptions, and things like the attendance code.

Don then needs to review some of the medical records on file to figure out why a client has vehemently complained they got overcharged for something. He then has to have a meeting with the new veterinary technicians that were hired in order to discuss some concerns that have been raised by the veterinarians and other staff. He doesn't want this to get out of hand, so it's better to address it sooner rather than later.

Overall, the roles of the practice manager deal with leading the hospital team with a smile and lots patience, addressing internal conflicts as necessary, developing business strategies to increase revenue, hiring and firing individuals, and modifying protocols and procedures as necessary.

Medical Director & Hospital Administrator

After that meeting, Don checks in with the office manager (Donna), the medical director, and his boss (the hospital administrator) during a meeting at the end of the day.

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