Practical Application: Management Skills Continuum Infographic

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

As you move from a supervisor role into upper management, conceptual skills become more crucial than technical skills, but human skills remain important. In this activity, you'll get an overview of the management skills continuum.

The Management Skills Continuum

As a manager, your skills to be an effective leader changes as you move from front-line supervisory role to a career on a top-management level. That's where the management skills continuum infographic comes into play. It will show you how management skills grow and compound from basic technical skills at the operational level, to incorporating more people skills in middle management, and combining both of those and adding conceptual skills when a leader reaches top management.

The management skills continuum shows the growth in skills necessary as managers move up the leadership ladder.
management, skills, continuum

Have a look at the breakdown of the skills you'll need in each level of leadership.

Operational Management

As the ground level, managers need to equip themselves with the technical skills of their work. Technical skills are those tools, resources, and capabilities that allow you to efficiently perform tasks related to the job. It also includes the education, training, and background necessary for you to work through assignments and procedures related to the job at hand.

Middle Management

Once you reach middle management, you must combine those technical skills with enhanced people skills. In middle management, leaders must be able to effectively lead the employees and teams below them. You should be able to inspire, coach, and work with people who need assistance or direction performing their job. This level requires more understanding of other people and relationships, in addition to the technical abilities to get the job done.

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