Management Skills: Definition & Examples

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rana Abourizk

Rana has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Doctorial Degree. She has been teaching online for over a year. She has a strong business background.

Managers are a critical part of a business's success. A good manager leads others and has the skills and ability to run a business well. Today we will go over the meaning of management skills as well as review some examples.

Introduction to Management Skills

Carl is an owner of a coffee shop. He is looking to expand. Carl opens another store in a very busy area. The store will be a lot bigger and include more beverages. Also, he will need to hire more people. He will need a strong, experienced manager and a friendly, hard-working team.

Next week, Carl begins interviewing possible candidates. The manager position is a very important one, so Carl needs to make sure he gives the job to the best person. Carl begins the interview with Jesse. He has been a manager at a small coffee shop for eight years. The shop is actually closing soon so he needs a new job.

During the interview, Jesse begins to talk about his skills and experience. Carl asks Jesse about management skills in particular. Jesse tells Carl that he has experience managing the inventory in his last job successfully, he communicates daily and effectively with workers, he has developed loyal business relationships with customers, he has trained his workers on everything in the store for them to be effective, he has committed to the development program to help associates learn and advance and he has managed the store progress by monitoring results, communicating results and ensuring every associate follows his lead.

He makes sure to tell his employees when they have done a good job. He rewards them with recognition. He has taught his associates to act like leaders themselves. All of which does not come easy, particularly since some employees can be hard to work with. However, he has developed strong communication, team work and leadership skills, which have helped him be a successful manager and leader.

Definition of Management Skills

What are management skills? Management skills means having the capacity to run a business. It's being able to make the right choices while managing the overall performance of the company. It means being able to communicate and deliver results by providing employees with a strong business plan to meet the aim for the company. Management skills are required to manage the business and include overseeing workplace issues, employees, teamwork and team development and communication. It also means giving employees their duties and monitoring their performance, while at the same time reaching the business objective.

Management Skills Example 1

Sara has been a manager for five years. She ensures her employees are in the right position at the get-go, during the interview process. She coaches her employees on how to sell and market the company products. This is a valuable management skill she has learned and mastered over the years. She also makes certain that she knows her customers, finds out what their needs are and educates them on the products and services. Sara also makes sure each member of her team is doing his or her job, and she makes sure she clearly communicates her instructions.

Management Skills Example 2

Tom studied business management in college. He was a highly intelligent student and was an intern for a small business for one year. The company managers taught him all the ins and outs of management. They even let him run the business once to allow him to gain more hands-on experience.

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