Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner

Allison has a Masters of Arts in Political Science

This lesson discusses the importance of managing technology in the hospitality industry and provides examples of technologies that are important to managing hospitality.

Managing Technology

Super Sun Resorts has seen fewer bookings in their hotel and restaurant, their customer engagement has shrunk, and they seem to be losing their competitive advantage. As the company reaches a point of desperation, they ask IT Guy, a consulting specialist, to help them get back on track.

Right away, Guy explains to the company that they are having problems because they have failed to manage their technology. Managing technology refers to monitoring and evaluating the success of technologies and taking active steps to improve them when necessary.

Guy goes on to tell the management team that technology is rapidly changing and because of this, Super Sun Resorts must manage their approach to technology if they want to maintain their competitive advantage, which is what Super Sun Resorts has that their competitors do not. Providing new and advanced technologies, such as smartphone capabilities, touch screen TVs, online ordering, and so on, can make their location more interesting to potential customers. Additionally, some software programs and other tools make it easier for customers to engage, or connect, with the organization and obtain what they need and want from the company. This makes the organization more desirable to the potential client, which increases their competitive advantage.

Guy explains that managing technology is also important for customer satisfaction. He tells the team that a hotel that only takes reservations over the phone and not online could be difficult and annoying for customers. Ensuring you have the latest technology for your business can increase the satisfaction or overall happiness of the customers because the easier it is for them to make reservations or place an order, the more satisfied they are likely to be.

In a nutshell, some important reasons for managing technology in the hospitality industry include its influence on:

  • Increasing competitive advantage
  • Assisting with customer satisfaction
  • Enhancing outlets for customer engagement

…and all of this ultimately increases the organization's profits.

What to Manage

Now IT Guy says he understands that this may seem a bit overwhelming. However, he tells Super Sun Resorts not to worry. There are many things an organization can and should manage - they just have to figure out what is most important to them.

To start, this might include the restaurant's point-of-sale system. This is where servers input orders that are sent to the kitchen. In the same context, the hotel section will likely want to manage their front-desk and reservation system, or the technology that maintains their reservations. The easier it is for guests' orders to be put in and their reservations to be made, the faster that food will be delivered and the easier it will be for new guests to book a room. Ultimately, this makes the customer experience more enjoyable by speeding up what can be a long process.

One of the most prevalent technologies in hospitality today is the online-reservation system. This allows guests to make their reservations through the Internet. Organizations need to manage this system to make sure it is effective and functioning properly. They should also look for new ways to market their online reservation system so more customers will use it. This will help speed up service and encourage more tech savvy guests to book with their location.

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