Mandatory Reading List for Psychology 316: Advanced Social Psychology

Instructor: Ryan Villard
A portion of your final grade for Psychology 316 is based on six short responses to recently published peer-reviewed studies in the discipline. In these responses, you'll address the methods, findings, and implications for each of the papers. In order to write these responses, you are required to find six recent peer-reviewed social psychology articles from reputable sources. Updated: 11/29/2021

About This Resource

Like all scientific disciplines, psychology researchers conduct studies and review literature to make advances and progress. This process involves both actually designing and conducting a research study, in addition to submitting your findings to other researchers to peer review it and validate or challenge it.

As students of psychology, it is imperative to read new studies and engage with research done in the discipline. For this course, you're required to find, read, and respond to six recently published (within the last ten years) peer-reviewed articles. You will submit your collective responses in a word document at the end of the course, which will contribute to your overall grade.

As you read each paper, think critically about their methods, findings, and implications to social psychology. Use the following questions to help you start thinking critically about each paper.

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