Mapping the Customer Journey: Examples & Management

Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

It is important to understand everything a customer goes through when they are dealing with your company. This lesson will take a look at how to map and manage the customer journey.

What is Mapping the Customer Journey?

Companies are constantly seeking feedback from their consumers and analyzing the customer service process in order to learn more about their customers. Businesses know that customers are the most important asset of a company and it is a necessity to ensure that they review every aspect of the customer experience. A customer journey map details the story and each event that takes place when a customer interacts with an organization.

For example, Michael decides he wants to buy a new car. His customer experience starts with him researching cars online. He then stops by a dealership to test drive multiple cars. In the end he purchases a car. This details the journey Michael took as a customer. We will take a look at how to map the customer journey, why this process is important, and provide an example of the method.

Parts of Mapping the Customer Journey

Every company may choose to develop their customer journey map a little different. Some companies will have more areas to include in their customer journey map than others. The important part is to make sure that your company includes all the key areas a customer would go through from start to finish when interacting with your company.

The first part of a customer journey map is when the consumer becomes aware of the product or service. Buyers may find it online, through email, by word of mouth, or through another channel. Next, the customer might start a query with the company either through a phone call, an in person visit, or through the internet. The customer has interaction with your company's sales department at this point. Then, the customer will purchase the product or service. After the purchase is made the journey continues. The customer may need support or may need to have the product serviced. The customer may also have a complaint about the product or service. Lastly, the customer may choose to upgrade the product or service or renew if it is a subscription.

Why is Mapping the Customer Journey Important?

So why should companies spend the time mapping the customer journey? In order to understand the perspective of customers the company needs to look at the entire process a buyer goes through before, during and after the purchase . Analyzing this process can help to improve both the customer service and the customer experience. It can also help the company understand the customer's motivation. For example, if the customer journey continually ends at the query stage then the company can look into their product and service to determine why this happened.

The customer journey map can also be used to bridge gaps between departments. If the entire organization understands the process a customer goes through from beginning to end, consumers will have a better all around experience. Imagine you work in the product development department and you do not interact with or know much about the customers. If the company used a customer journey map it would help you understand the different departments in your company and the customer better.

Customer Journey Map Example

Now that we have discussed more about what the customer journey map is and why it is important let's look at the individual phases of Michael's journey.

Aware: Michael decided he wanted to buy a new car. He started searching on the internet for what he wanted and found Steve's car dealership.

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