Marcher Conjugation

Instructor: Jennifer Chrol

I have a Master's degree in English and French. I love teaching language at all ages and levels.

The French verb marcher can be used in a few different ways. It is most commonly used to say to walk or to function. Here we will learn how to conjugate the verb as well as some alternative uses for it.

The Verb Marcher

How do you get to work? Do you drive, walk, or ride a bike? Suppose you and some French-speaking friends are discussing different ways to help reduce pollution in the world. You want to be able to tell them that you walk to work, but you don't know the word. After this lesson you will! Marcher has two main uses: to walk and to function. It is a regular -er verb, so it will follow the same conjugation patterns as any other regular -er verb, both in present and past conjugations. The chart below will show you the present tense conjugation of marcher.

Pronoun Verb Marcher S-V Pronunciation Translation
je marche zhu mahrsh I walk
tu marches tü mahrsh you walk (singular/informal)
il/elle/on marche eel/el mahrch he/she walks
nous marchons noo mahrsh-ohn we walk
vous marchez voo mahrsh-ay you walk (plural/formal)
ils/elles marchent eel/el mahrsh they walk

Since marcher is a regular -er verb, the passé composé follows the regular past participle of é and is conjugated with avoir. For example: J'ai marché.

Translation: The dog is walking on the beach.

Using Marcher

All of your friends agree that walking to work is the best thing for you and the environment, but not everybody has the time. As the subject changes, you remember that your baby nephew has just started walking, and you want to share the news with your friends. You may want to say something like, Mon neveu marche maintenant! (My nephew is walking now!) Just like that, you have a whole new conversation to continue.

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