Marketing Activities for High School Students

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Getting high school students interested in learning is a challenge for any teacher. Those who teach business classes, such as marketing, have an especially dry subject. Read on to learn about some engaging marketing activities to use in high school classrooms.

What Is Marketing?

High school teachers understand that engaging students is top priority. Those who teach marketing, a business course focusing on producing, promoting or selling items, should use activities to make real-world connections visible to students. Marketing teachers want their students to understand the principles of the subject matter and often teach what are called the 4P's of marketing: product, promotion, price and place. How can they create activities that highlight and use these important ideas? Let's take a peek at how Mr. Cash, a marketing teacher, uses creative marketing activities in his classroom.

Marketing Activities

Mr. Cash wants his marketing lessons to be active and engaging. More importantly, though, he knows the activities need to be relevant to the curriculum. When teaching a business course like marketing, Mr. Cash stays up to date on the latest trends affecting businesses. Using the 4P's as a guide, he creates quality units with rich activities and integrates them into learning.


Developing a unit on production and product planning is a great place to start embedding marketing activities for students. Mr. Smith teaches his students about product life cycles and shows them ways to manage them. They also investigate product branding and customer recognition of products and how both aspects fit into production. Once Mr. Cash is sure his students understand the ins and outs of production, he plans an activity the students can participate in to show their skills. Students create a new product, plan their development, take a look at price points and consumer awareness and apply their knowledge of product life cycles. The class decides to create a new type of sports drink that won't spill. Pretty clever, right?


Mr. Cash continues his teaching with the second P, promotion. He and his students investigate how products are shown to the public in ways that get the best results. Staying true to trends, Mr. Cash highlights social media, commercial coverage and other promotional types. Students then plan for the promotional phase of their product by figuring out how to educate the community about their sports drink in an eye-catching way. They'll need to put some art skills to work as they design a logo and product prototype.


The class is ready to move on to learning about pricing. This important aspect of marketing means the difference between a product selling or sitting on the shelf. Mr. Cash guides students through the process of determining market value and comparing competitive products. Students are then ready to crunch the numbers and come up with a good price for their sports drink. While it costs a bit more to make it spill proof, they think consumers will buy the product because it makes drinking on the go easier.


Mr. Cash is now ready to teach the class about product placement. Getting shelf space in stores is vital; the sports drink can't sell if it isn't on the shelf. The class also decides to make the juice available on the Internet. The students use what they learned in the promotion unit and use social media to leverage the product's placement to consumers.

Creating a product from start to finish is a valuable activity. Too bad high school students can't go through the process with a real product. Mr. Cash knows how valuable real-life experiences are, however. Let's peek at a few more activities he offers his students to get them the experience they need.

Real-World Activities

Many local and international companies are willing to serve as an educational tool for high school marketing students. Here's how you can use some of Mr. Cash's ideas.

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