Marketing Department: Structure & Roles

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Marketing is a critical activity within a company, and there are specific roles that are necessary to the success of a marketing team. Learn what common roles support the marketing efforts of an organization.

What Structure is Common in a Marketing Department?

Within a marketing department, there are many roles and functions that support the promotion of a company and its products or services. The structure of a marketing department will vary based on the needs of the business. Typically, there is a leader, a high-level executive who establishes the strategies and oversees the operations of the team.

The Marketing President manages the marketing management team, including roles like the Product Manager, Advertising Manager, and Public Relations Manager. Each manager organizes his or her team of staff members and specialists who conduct the work of their group. For instance, the advertising manager may have a team of advertising specialists and assistants who create advertisements, manage the placement of the advertisements, and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Common Roles in a Marketing Department

While every marketing department may vary based on the individual needs and size of a company, there are key roles that are often present within an organization.

Marketing President - This role may operate under many names, including Marketing Vice President or Marketing Director. This person is ultimately responsible for the marketing activities for a company. He/she must create and manage a marketing plan, identifying the objectives and strategies for the business both immediately and long-term. When it comes to marketing, the 'buck stops here'.

Product Manager - This role is primarily focused on product research, development, and promotion. A Product Manager typically monitors the market to see what needs are present and creates new products that will sell well. This person may lead a large team who must determine which products are viable in the market, a group of developers who create the product, and others who prepare the plan to launch and market the product to users.

Advertising Manager - The Advertising Manager leads the group of professionals who concept ads, write text and branding messages, and ensure the advertisements meet the guidelines of the company. This team is typically responsible for finding the best outlets for the ads, securing space, and ensuring the ads are created in a way to attract the right buyers.

Public Relations Manager - The public relations group is responsible for composing and sharing messages about the company and its products. Whether it's a charitable act or a new release, the Public Relations Manager must ensure the right communication is shared with the world. When a company faces a crisis, such as tainted food or an employee walk-out, the public relations team jumps to action to tell the public what happened, what the company is doing to fix the problem, and try to maintain and build trust in the company's actions.

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