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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rana Abourizk

Rana has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Doctorial Degree. She has been teaching online for over a year. She has a strong business background.

Implementation is one of the most important phases in a marketing plan. This lesson defines marketing implementation and provides a sample marketing plan with strategies.

What Is Marketing Implementation?

Sarah is the marketing manager for a new online company that specializes in junior clothing. Before the company launches its website, the president wants Sarah to develop a marketing plan with clear strategies. The plan needs to be well thought out and organized.

To set her plan in motion - or implement it - Sarah must create specific activities aimed at marketing the company. She also must determine how and when these activities should be completed and who will take them on. Let's see how Sarah does this.

Sarah's Marketing Plan

The first part of any plan is to have a goal. In Sarah's case, her goal is to draw more attention to her company. To reach that goal, she develops various marketing strategies, or plans of action.

Sarah's aware that potential clients will be teenagers, so she decides to rely heavily on social media sites and a fashion blog, which tend to be popular with teens. She sets the following tasks to be completed over the course of a month:

  1. Attract 1,000 Facebook followers for the company
  2. Sign up 80 new customers on a mailing list for promotional offers
  3. Conduct interviews with at least 20 people to gauge what they think about the company's clothing, branding, and prices
  4. Establish a blog with three new advertising videos uploaded each week

In addition to herself, Sarah has two employees - Jill and Jan - to help with her plan. She assigns Jill to the Facebook project and blog and puts Jan in charge of getting new customers on the mailing list. Sarah herself will conduct the interviews.

Gantt chart
Gantt Chart

So she can make sure things are going as planned and keep her team on target, Sarah creates a Gantt chart, which is a common project management tool that shows activities to be completed against a scheduled time frame. Sarah's chart includes who is assigned to each task, the start and finish times for each task, progress trackers, and weekly targets, along with other pertinent information.


Sarah has to complete 20 interviews in a month, which means she must finish at least five each week. She decides she'll schedule appointments the first two days of each week and complete the interviews the last three days. Sarah will cull the interviewees from one of the company's social media pages.

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