Marketing Opportunities from Customer Service Emails

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
As a customer service representative or marketer, you want to make sure that every contact with a customer is used to its greatest potential. This lesson discusses how you can use customer service emails to engage customers and market new products.

Marketing Through Email

You're the manager of a customer service department for a large electronics store. Your staff is in charge of answering customer questions through email and welcoming new customers through general contact email. Your boss asks you to work with the marketing director to come up with some ideas that might help increase sales. You and the marketing director think there may be some options to increase sales by sending customers surveys, links to social media and coupons, as well as asking if they would like to join an email list for future sales and coupons.

There are two primary ways you can connect with your customers through email. One is via customer service inquiries, where the customer reaches out to you. The other is general contact through a welcome or introductory email, which typically follows a sale or other event where the customer has had contact with your company. Let's look at customer service inquiries and general contact emails in a bit more detail.

Customer Service Inquiries

Customer service inquiries might include general questions about a product or questions and concerns over service already received. So, how can you turn an inquiry into a marketing opportunity?

Let's say you recently started testing some of your ideas about marketing through email, and today you received an email from Mark asking about a television he is interested in buying. In the past, you would have just answered Mark's questions, but this would be wasting a valuable marketing opportunity. Instead, you address Mark's inquiry, give him incentive to buy from your company by offering him a 10% off coupon, and include the link to your company's Facebook page. You also ask if he would be interested in subscribing to weekly emails.

As a result, Mark enrolls in the email program, subscribes to the Facebook page, and uses the coupon to buy the TV. It looks like your new marketing initiatives are off to a great start!


As we saw with our example, there are several methods you can use to market your company and products through customer service inquires:

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