Matilda Book Awards

Instructor: Kristin Pia Hayman

Kristin taught for over 10 years in the elementary classroom. She holds a B.A. in Journalism as well as a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.

'Matilda' is a well-loved classic story by Roald Dahl. The book was written in 1988, and since then has won awards for its unique storyline and characters. The illustrator, Quentin Blake, is also well-known for his funny sketches, featured in most of Roald Dahl's books.

Matilda, Child Genius

Did you know that Matilda was the last long children's book that Roald Dahl wrote? For many people, Matilda is one of those unforgettable stories, full of excitement and surprises, page after page. One of the most outstanding elements of this book is its plot, which is the line of events in a story.

Matilda Wormwood is a five-year-old genius. Unfortunately, she is surrounded by mean and uncaring adults who don't notice her gift. Her cruel headmaster, Miss Trunchbull is out to get her, and even her own parents forget she exists most days. Matilda's only friend is her sweet teacher, Miss Honey, and together, they develop a plan to get back at the bullies once and for all! Roald Dahl has received much recognition, or formal approval or awards, for his books, and Matilda is no exception!

Some popular covers of Matilda

Children's Book Award

If you had the chance to vote on your favorite book ever, what would you choose? Well, the Children's Book Award is actually voted on by kids! After it was published in 1988, Matilda won the Children's Book Award from The Federation of Children's Book Groups, a charity group for childhood literacy in the United Kingdom. This award is given out every year for books that were voted to be the best by kids themselves. What a great idea! Winning this award is a great honor to any author, and just proves that kids have loved Matilda from the very beginning.

Nation's Favourite Children's Book

The first award that Matilda won was right after it was published. However, 10 years later in 1998, Matilda was voted the 'Nation's Favourite Children's Book' by a BBC Bookworm Poll in Great Britain. Roald Dahl spent most of his life in England, so it's not a surprise that his book was a hit there. This shows us readers that even 10 years after it was written, Matilda was just as loved as ever.

awards are given out to the best books each year

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