Matilda Chapter 11 Summary

Instructor: Audrey Akins

Audrey has more than a decade of experience teaching elementary. She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in education.

Typically when a student does something that they shouldn't do, the matter is handled privately between whoever is in charge of discipline and the student. In this chapter, Miss Trunchbull misuses her power to handle a student who has done something wrong.

Miss Trunchbull's Assembly

By now, Matilda has heard so many terrible things about Miss Trunchbull that she knows she is very dangerous. The students are told to come together for an assembly, or gathering, without knowing what it is for. Finally, a student named Bruce Bogtrotter is told to come to the stage that Miss Trunchbull is standing on.

He is reprimanded, or scolded, about a slice of cake he had stolen. ''Yesterday morning, during break, you sneaked like a serpent into the kitchen and stole a slice of my private chocolate cake from my tea-tray!'' As soon as the eleven-year-old boy had been called to the stage, ''he knew very well he wasn't up there to be presented with a prize.''

Miss Trunchbull and the Cook

Miss Trunchbull chooses to embarrass Bruce Bogtrotter in front of the whole school for stealing the cake. She even gets the school cook to participate in his shaming. Because Miss Trunchbull knows that he likes chocolate cake, she has the cook bake an extra-large cake and bring it onstage. While there, Miss Trunchbull intimidates, or frightens, Bruce into cutting a slice of the extra-large cake to eat, even though he doesn't want to.

After Bruce eats the first slice, Miss Trunchbull tells him to eat another slice. Once again, Bruce says he doesn't want any more, but Miss Trunchbull insists. By this point, everyone can see what she is up to. ''You do not leave this platform and nobody leaves this hall until you have eaten the entire cake that is sitting there in front of you!''

Bruce Bogtrotter Loves Chocolate Cake

Bruce Bogtrotter has been set up to be publicly punished for stealing chocolate cake. His punishment is to eat chocolate cake until he can't stand it any more in front of the whole school. He eats one piece, then another, but then he stops. Miss Trunchbull threatens to put him in The Chokey if he stops again.

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