Matilda Chapter 12 Summary

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Audrey has more than a decade of experience teaching elementary. She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in education.

This lesson will go over Chapter 12 of Matilda, where Miss Honey warns of Miss Trunchbull cmoing, and Lavender thinks of a way to scare her and be a trickster like Matilda and Hortensia. Updated: 04/11/2021

Miss Trunchbull is Coming

Every student has thought about a way to get back at or play a trick on a teacher at school, but most students don't actually do it. But Lavender is ready to take her turn at Miss Trunchbull. In Chapter 12 of Matilda, Lavender thinks of a way to scare her teacher.

Miss Honey announces to the class that once a week, Miss Trunchbull comes in to teach a lesson. She says that Miss Trunchbull would be coming the next day and there were some things that she would expect. Miss Honey tells the students that Miss Trunchbull is strict, or harsh, and that they need to make sure they come to school looking their best: ''Make sure your clothes are clean, your faces are clean and your hands are clean.''

She also reminds them that they only need to speak if she speaks to them, not to argue with her, not to answer her back, nor do anything funny. She even warns them that when Miss Trunchbull gets angry, it's never a good thing.

Another thing she reminds them is ''that she will be testing you on what you are meant to have learnt this week, which is your two-times table,'' since that's what they have been studying in class. In preparation for her visit, someone needs to be in charge of making sure Miss Trunchbull has her normal jug of water and glass when she comes in.

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Lavender's Mischievous Side

Lavender volunteers to be responsible for having Miss Trunchbull's jug of water and glass ready when she visits the next day. Miss Honey tells her where she can find it in the school's kitchen. Even though she hasn't pulled any tricks like Matilda or Hortensia so far in the story, she automatically begins to think of something tricky that she could do to Miss Trunchbull: ''Lavender's scheming mind was going over the possibilities that this water-jug job had opened up for her.''

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