Matilda Chapter 15 Summary

Instructor: Audrey Akins

Audrey has more than a decade of experience teaching elementary. She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in education.

Matilda knew that she had brain power, but another power she has is the ability to make things move without touching them. This new power is something that no one knows about. In this chapter, Matilda finally talks about her newfound power.

Matilda's Confession

Matilda knows that she caused Miss Trunchbull's glass to tip over before she left the classroom just by thinking the words ''tip over.'' Now, while all the other students play outside, she sits at her desk ready to confide, or tell the truth, about what she can do. She knows that her parents are not the right people to tell. Even if they believe her, they won't know how amazing that power is.

''What she needed was just one person, one wise and sympathetic grown-up who could help her to understand the meaning of this extraordinary happening.'' Matilda decides to tell Miss Honey. After telling Miss Honey that she caused the glass to tip over with her eyes, Miss Honey responds, ''If you did that, then it is just about the greatest miracle a person has ever performed since the time of Jesus.'' She then asks Matilda to do it again.

Matilda Proves Herself

The glass that Matilda had tipped over while Miss Trunchbull was there is still on Miss Honey's table. Miss Honey moves the glass and tells Matilda to tip it over. ''Matilda, sitting in the second row about ten feet away from Miss Honey, put her elbows on the desk and cupped her face in her hands, and this time she gave the order right at the beginning.''

Matilda thought the words, ''Tip glass, tip!'' shouting to herself without moving her lips. She also thought with her mind and will for it to tip. Soon, she feels the electricity she had felt before when she tipped the glass over. She continues to shout in her head ''tip over.''

The glass wobbles and eventually falls right in front of Miss Honey. To Miss Honey, it is a miracle and unexplainable. ''She gaped at the glass, leaning well away from it now as though it might be a dangerous thing.''

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