Matilda Chapter 21 Summary

Instructor: Audrey Akins

Audrey has more than a decade of experience teaching elementary. She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in education.

Every student daydreams about the meanest teacher in the school disappearing and being able to live with their favorite teacher. In this chapter, Matilda gets to experience both of these things. Miss Trunchbull disappears, and Matilda's parents decide to leave her behind to anyone who wants her.

Miss Trunchbull Disappears

After Miss Trunchbull recovers from her fainting spell and leaves the school to go home, she is never seen again. Mr. Trilby, who is like the assistant principal, tries calling to check on her, but he never gets an answer. He goes to her house, but he is surprised to find it unlocked. He walks in and shouts for Miss Trunchbull, but gets no response. ''There were no clothes or underclothes or shoes anywhere. … The Headmistress had apparently vanished.''

Miss Trunchbull also follows through and makes sure Miss Honey has what she was originally supposed to have, as her father's will is suddenly found. The will tells who and what someone should get when someone dies. The Red House that belonged to her father and the money had always been left to Miss Honey. Within a few weeks, Miss Honey begins living in The Red House.

Matilda's Parents are Leaving

From this point, everyone's lives shifts. Mr. Trilby is now in charge of the school, and Matilda goes to the higher-level class, where she should have gone to begin with. Matilda also realizes she doesn't have her power to move things anymore. ''I think I've lost it completely.''

Miss Honey knew Matilda would lose her power eventually. She explains that before Matilda began the higher-level classes, she had too much energy in her brain, which she ended up using to move objects. Now that Matilda is in a class that challenges her to use that mental energy, she cannot move things with her eyes.The only thing still bad is that Matilda has neglectful parents.

This changes one day when Matilda comes home to find her parents hurriedly packing, with a car parked in front of the house. Mr. Wormwood is leading the frenzy, and everyone has to hurry up and pack so that they can catch their flight to move to Spain. ''We're leaving for the airport in half an hour so you'd better get packed.'' The crooked scams that Mr. Wormwood had done as business have caught up with him. He tells Matilda that they will not be returning.

Matilda and Miss Honey

Finding out that her family is suddenly moving causes Matilda to run back to Miss Honey's house. She explains to Miss Honey what is happening, but Miss Honey is not surprised. She tells Matilda, ''Your father is in with a bunch of crooks. ... And now somebody's probably tipped him off that the police are onto him and he's doing what they all do, running to Spain where they can't get him.''

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