Matilda Chapter 6 Summary

Instructor: Audrey Akins

Audrey has more than a decade of experience teaching elementary. She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in education.

After being called a cheat and a liar in the previous chapter, Matilda immediately goes to work to settle the score between her and her father first thing in the morning. Find out what she does to him this time.

Matilda the Hair Stylist

Matilda knows that her father has dark, thick hair that he takes a lot of pride in. He loves rubbing large amounts of purple-colored Oil of Violets Hair Tonic into his hair. Mr. Wormwood even gives himself scalp massages. Matilda also knows that her mother has a bottle of Platinum Blonde Hair-Dye Extra Strong, which has peroxide in it. When peroxide is used on hair, it works like bleach and lightens hair. This is how her mother turns her brown hair blonde.

The night before, Matilda's father called her a liar and a cheat. To get back at him, Matilda gets up before everyone else. She takes her father's hair tonic and pours most of it down the sink. She then replaces it with her mother's hair dye. Matilda leaves enough of the purple hair tonic in the bottle so that her father won't know something is wrong. There is enough purple color so that it even looks the same. After Matilda is done, she puts each of the bottles back and waits for it all to unfold at breakfast.

Breakfast Time

At breakfast, Matilda quietly eats her cornflakes while waiting for the madness to begin. Her brother, Michael, eats bread with peanut butter and jam on it. Mrs. Wormwood works to get Mr. Wormwood's regular breakfast ready, ''which always had to be two fried eggs on fried bread with three pork sausages and three strips of bacon and some fried tomatoes.''

Matilda knows that she can expect her father to make a grand entrance for breakfast. ''He was incapable of entering any room quietly, especially at breakfast time. He always had to make his appearance felt immediately by creating a lot of noise and clatter.'' Little does he know that this morning, there will be more noise than he usually makes, courtesy of Matilda.

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