Matilda Chapter 7 Summary

Instructor: Audrey Akins

Audrey has more than a decade of experience teaching elementary. She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in education.

After spending five years at home, Matilda finally goes to school. Instead of having to spend the day keeping herself busy reading books and fighting parents who don't see her worth, she finally gets a new experience.

Miss Honey

Miss Honey is Matilda's new teacher. She is young and looks to be in her mid-20s. She has blue eyes and brown hair with a slim frame. She is little and looks like she can easily be broken because of her size. Matilda can tell that her personality is quiet, and Miss Honey hardly ever yells.

While getting to know what her students can do, Miss Honey finds out that Matilda can do more than the average five-year-old. She knows that Matilda is lucky, and ''these sort of wonders do pop up in the world from time to time, but only once or twice in a hundred years.''

Matilda Shines

Because Matilda has neglectful parents who don't pay any attention to her, she doesn't begin school until she is five-and-a-half. But she is still ahead of the class because of her brain power and high level of intelligence. This is obvious when Miss Honey begins to ask the class questions. The first example is when she asks the class if anyone can multiply by twos. Matilda goes from multiplying numbers like 2 times 12 all the way up to 2 times 487.

Miss Honey also asks if anyone can spell and who has learned to read words in sentences. Classmates Nigel and Lavender both say they can read and spell. Miss Honey writes on the board, ''I have already begun to learn how to read long sentences.'' Both Nigel and Lavender say the sentence is too long, but Matilda is able to read it. She also tells Miss Honey that she can read most things.

Her teacher is so impressed that the next thing she asks Matilda about is poetry. The two then have a conversation about creating a limerick, or funny poem that usually only has five lines. Matilda is so clever that she makes up a limerick about Miss Honey. By the end of their discussion, Miss Honey has almost forgotten about the rest of the students in the class. ''Miss Honey was astounded by the wisdom of this tiny girl.''

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