Matilda Chapter 8 Summary

Instructor: Audrey Akins

Audrey has more than a decade of experience teaching elementary. She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in education.

Realizing how smart Matilda is, Miss Honey tries to talk to Miss Trunchbull about what can be done for her. But Miss Trunchbull won't listen to Miss Honey. This chapter paints a picture of who Miss Trunchbull really is.

Miss Trunchbull's Physical and Personality Traits

Most people who are in charge of a school are excited about teaching children and are willing to do anything for them, but Miss Trunchbull is nothing like this. In fact, this has not always been the career, or job, that she has had. She was once an athlete, and still has the muscular body as proof. Her thighs also are massive, or huge, for a woman. ''Looking at her, you got the feeling that this was someone who could bend iron bars and tear telephone directories in half.''

Personality wise, she is very direct, shouts when she speaks, and gets straight to the point when someone speaks to her. This is illustrated when Miss Honey comes into her office to speak to her and she says, ''Get on with it. I'm a busy woman.'' She is very much like Matilda's father and thinks the worst of Matilda because of what Mr. Wormwood has told her. She also thinks the worst of girls.

Matilda's Undeserved Bad Rep

Miss Honey originally comes to Miss Trunchbull's office to get Matilda into a class that would be better for her based on how smart she is. As soon as Miss Honey begins to talk about Matilda, Miss Trunchbull immediately starts to criticize her based on what Mr. Wormwood had said about her. ''He told me the daughter was bad a lot though. He said to watch her. He said if anything bad ever happened in the school, it was certain to be his daughter who did it.''

No matter what Miss Honey tries to say about how smart Matilda is, Miss Trunchbull only has negative things to say about Matilda. Miss Trunchbull even accuses Matilda of putting a stink bomb under her desk, setting a fire, and is completely against her, all because of what her father has said.

Miss Honey vs. Miss Trunchbull

After listening to all the bad things Miss Trunchbull has to say about Matilda, Miss Honey knows she will have to try her best to prove Miss Trunchbull wrong. ''But Miss Honey was determined to have her say and she now began to describe some of the amazing things Matilda had done with arithmetic.'' Of course, Miss Trunchbull makes it sound as if it is nothing great that a five-year-old can multiply.

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