Measurement Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Carla Palomino
It would be hard to imagine a world where you didn't know if you were going too slow or too fast or if you were tall or short. You will learn what measurement is and how to measure things in this lesson.

What is Measurement?

Measurement is the action of measuring something. We can measure time, weight, height, temperature, length, speed and more. If we didn't have measurement, it would be very hard to know when to go to school, how much you weigh, or how cold or warm it is outside.

Life is so much easier when we know how to measure things, and that is why measurement is so important. Now let's learn about the units we use to measure things.

Standard and Non-Standard Units

Standard units are the units everyone uses to measure something specific. We all need to speak the same language to understand each other, so we use hours, minutes and seconds to measure time, ounces and pounds to measure weight, degrees to measure temperature, and inches and feet to measure length or height.

Standard Units of Measurement

Non-standard units are random things that people choose to measure with. For example, I can use a paper clip to measure my notebook or yarn to measure my brother's height. I can use my hands to know if something is heavier or lighter, and I can use my fingers to measure my friend's arm. You get the idea.

Non-Standard Units of Measurement

How to Measure

Let's take a look at how to measure different things using standard and non-standard units.

Measure of Height

Height is the distance between the lowest and highest points of a person or an object; it is the distance from base to top or from head to toe.

To measure how tall your mom is using a non-standard unit, take some yarn from your house, place one end at the edge of her feet, and cut the yarn when it reaches the top her head. If you want to use a standard unit, take a measuring tape and follow the same steps to see how many feet or inches the measuring tape says.

Measure of Length

Length is the distance of something from end to end.

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