Measuring the Success of Social Media Marketing

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Reed

Danielle works in digital marketing and advertising. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and an MBA.

Learn about the metrics that are important in measuring the success of your social media marketing efforts. We also explore options for monitoring your brand online with a social media analytics platform.

Measuring Social Media Marketing Success

When you run a race, you measure your success by your race time. When you make a meal, you measure your success by the amount of leftovers. When you take a class, you measure your success by the grade you earn in the class. But, how does this apply to social media efforts? There are so many statistics available it is difficult to know which number truly measures your success.

Tracking numbers on social media is called social media analytics. This practice of gathering data from social media sites to make business decisions is important. Patterns and relationships in data indicate which of your social media marketing methods are effective. Remember, social media networking tools allow you to share product information and create customer loyalty.

Metric tools are used to measure the impact of social media marketing promotion on business revenue. There are many metrics available. We will go over the ones you should be looking at to measure success.

Tracking Metrics

The first metric you should consider is number of views or impressions. How many people are seeing your posts? Look at your own newsfeed: you'll see example posts about sales, information about happy hours and trivia nights, and even news about the companies you like. When you see these posts, this counts as an impression. This is the number one metric you should pay attention to because views lead to sales. The entire purpose of spending time on social media is to get your name out there. This is a type of ongoing analytics which tracks activity on your social media account over time. Your average number of impressions should be increasing on all platforms. You find these numbers by looking at each social media account you maintain.

Customer engagement is another metric. How many people are responding or reacting to your posts? Just like you check your Instagram feed to make sure you are getting enough likes on the latest posts of your dog, companies wait for you to engage and notice them. Social media is all about creating a buzz about your company or brand. There will be weeks where engagement is higher. You want to see high engagement on posts that share newsworthy information with your clients. This information is available on each social media account you maintain.

Additionally, consider page views. How many people are visiting your company's website? Social media should increase the traffic to your site. People should be curious enough about your organization to visit your site for further information or to make a purchase. This information is available on Google Analytics, which tracks all of your site traffic.

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