Media in PowerPoint: How to Adjust, Trim and Modify Media

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Instructor: Karen Sorensen

Karen has a Bachelors in Communications. She has 25 years of experience in Information Systems, Adult Learning and Virtual Training.

PowerPoint makes it easy to add audio and video to your presentation. Review how to add media to a PowerPoint presentation, then explore how to adjust, trim, and modify the size of a video window or media clip. Updated: 10/07/2021

Media in PowerPoint

PowerPoint lets you add video and audio clips to your slides. But sometimes, the video may be too long or you might want to show just a part of it, and you may be in the same situation with your audio clip. This lesson will explain how to adjust the size of the video window and how to trim and adjust the length and timing of a video or audio clip.

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  • 0:02 Media in PowerPoint
  • 0:25 Quick Review
  • 1:20 Size of the Video Window
  • 2:52 Trimming Media Clips
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Quick Review

Before we get too far, let's quickly review how to embed a video or audio clip to your slide.

So, we'll start with embedding the video:

  1. In the ribbon, click on the Insert tab
  2. Go to the Media grouping of commands and click on Video
  3. Choose Video on my PC from the drop-down menu
  4. Search for and select the video
  5. Click on Insert

Now, we'll take a look at the steps for embedding audio:

  1. In the ribbon, click on the Insert tab
  2. Go to the Media grouping of commands and click on Audio
  3. Choose Audio on my PC from the drop-down menu
  4. Search for and select the audio clip
  5. Click on Insert

Okay, so now we're ready. So, let's move on to the re-sizing and trimming of the video.

Size of the Video Window

A placeholder is the box with a dotted outline around the content of your slide. This is commonly used in text boxes around images. However, videos also have a placeholder. Sometimes, after embedding (or inserting) a video onto your slide, the placeholder, or sometimes referred to as the video window, is too large or too small for the slide.

One way to adjust the window size is by using the placeholder handles. If you select the video, the placeholder handles are the boxes that appear around the video, and usually there are eight of them. Use any of the corner handles to click, hold and drag your placeholder to the desired size.

However, there is an alternate way for those who prefer to take out the guesswork when dragging placeholder handles and enter exact dimensions using inches.

To adjust the size by entering in the height and width using exact measurements, follow these steps:

  1. Select the video, then right-click on the video to pull up the options menu
  2. Click on Size and Position. The Format Video panel will open on the right side of your slide
  3. Select the Size and Properties command
  4. Under the Size options, enter the height and width

Also under the Size options, you can size the video window by using a scale. You can also rotate the video or see the original size.

Trimming Media Clips

The ability to trim your video or audio is a handy feature in PowerPoint. Trim means shortening the media or selecting only the part that is required from the original video or audio. With this feature, you don't need to modify or edit your media before you add it to your slide because you can make these changes directly in PowerPoint.

To access the tools for a video, double-click on the video and under the Video Tools option, click on Playback. There are several commands available. Under the Video Options grouping of commands, you can choose to start your video on click or automatically when the slide loads. You can also choose to Play the video in full-screen or loop until stopped.

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