Media Literacy Activities for High School

Instructor: Shanna Fox

Shanna has been part of the whirlwind world of teaching middle school for 20 years. She has a Master of Education degree in instructional design.

Our students function in a world of constant media consumption. Taking a hard look at the media we consume daily is essential. These activities will help students analyze, understand, and utilize media more effectively.

Media Literacy Activities

Media literacy is the ability to effectively find, thoroughly analyze, and critically assess media. The activities below will engage students in wise media selection and appropriate evaluation. Each activity specifies a list of materials and a grouping suggestion to indicate whether it's a team, partner, or individual task.

Media Tracking

Suggested Grouping

Data collection is completed on an individual basis at home. Data analysis and presentations are completed in teams.


  • Media tracker chart
  • Poster paper
  • Coloring materials

Before the Activity

Provide students with a media tracker graphic organizer, such as a simple four-column chart including description, time, message, and influence. For one week, students should track their media use, recording at least one entry per day.

  1. First, students describe the media type (video, advertisement, article) and topic.
  2. Next, they note the time they spent engaging with this media source.
  3. Students then determine the purpose of the media. For example, the purpose might be to persuade a person to purchase product X over product Y.
  4. Finally, students record the influence this media has on them. For example, the media may convince them to purchase a new video game or act on a social issue.

Activity Steps

After students have collected their data:

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