Meditation Activities for Adults

Instructor: Dana Dance-Schissel

Dana teaches social sciences at the college level and English and psychology at the high school level. She has master's degrees in applied, clinical and community psychology.

Meditation is practiced in many forms. It can be used to increase focus, for relaxation, and even for problem-solving. These activities have been specifically designed to teach adults about the magic of meditation.

Meditation Activities for Adults

Living in a world teeming with technology and social connectedness can increase stress levels and make it tough to mentally shut down. Meditation may be the answer, as it offers many options for mentally unplugging. Use these activities to engage adult students with the practice of meditation.

Om It Out Meditation Activity

The word 'om' has long been used as a useful tool in the meditative process. This activity is a simple way to introduce meditation to students.


  • a bell or chime


  1. Instruct students to arrange themselves in positions that they find to be comfortable.
  2. Now dim the lights in the room and reduce all noise, if possible.
  3. Explain to the group that you will start the meditation by ringing the bell.
  4. After the bell has rung, lead the group in a recitation of the word 'om'.
  5. Repeat this process of bell ringing followed by the recitation of the word 'om' at periodic intervals throughout the meditation. However, each time you say 'om' try to hold the m sound for increasing amounts of time.
  6. Close the meditation with one last chime of the bell.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation Activity

Tension often pools in our muscles. This meditation teaches students how to reduce muscle tension.


  1. Begin by asking students to lay on their backs with eyes closed and arms and legs stretched out.
  2. Instruct the class to curl their toes tightly and hold it for one minute.
  3. When one minute has elapsed, tell the group to relax their toes and focus on the feeling of release that occurs.
  4. Repeat this process of tightening and relaxing in one minute periods for the remaining body parts in the following order: calves, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, biceps, forearms, fingers, neck, and face.

Gratitude Meditation Activity

Negative thinking can erode mental and physical well-being over time. This meditation activity helps students reduce this pattern by focusing on gratitude.

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