Menstrual Cycle Lesson for Kids: Definition & Stages

Instructor: Brenda Coyle

Brenda has been a k-8 Teacher of science and reading, an Administrator, and she has a BA in Biology, a MS in Entomology, and a MAED in Administration and Supervision.

This lesson will explore what happens within a female's body during what is known as a menstrual cycle. We'll explore the definition of this cycle as well as its stages.

What Is a Menstrual Cycle?

Typically every month, a menstrual cycle takes place in a female's body to prepare her to have a baby later in life, if she chooses to do so. The average age range for a girl to experience her first menstrual cycle is 11-14 years old. But what actually happens during a menstrual cycle? Let's find out.

Stage One

The first phase of the menstrual cycle is called menstruation. You might remember this because it sounds a bit like 'menstrual' cycle. This stage is also commonly called a period. The first sign that the female is in this phase is that blood will come out of the vagina. The vagina is the part of the female body that leads from the uterus, which is the female organ where babies develop, to the outside of the body.

Location of where the menstrual cycle takes place in the female body
Female Reproductive System

The blood is a result of the old lining of the uterus, shedding and being replaced by the new lining of the uterus, which it does about once a month. This normally lasts 3-5 days, but it can sometimes last longer. A female might experience pain in the back or in the area around the lower stomach or have a feeling of being full in the stomach area.

The uterine wall during menstruation

You might be thinking, so if there's blood, what might a female who is menstruating do? One solution is known as a sanitary napkin, or pad, and it sticks comfortably inside a female's underwear to catch the blood. This is changed many times throughout the day when the female uses the bathroom.

Stage Two

The second phase lasts about ten days, and this is when the egg begins to develop inside the ovary, which is another organ inside of the female body. A female egg is not like an egg you eat from a chicken. Each month, a woman's body produces a special cell known as an egg. The egg is one of the things that is needed in order to make a baby. The other part is called sperm, and it comes from the male.

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