Methods for Extending an Email's Reach

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Once you've crafted an email message, how can you get it to the eyes of more people? In this lesson, you'll learn about the different methods for extending your e-mail reach through social channels and opportunities.

Getting Social

You're an online shopper, and you've just found a great deal that's too good to pass up. In fact, it's so good you want to tell everyone you know. You decide to email your friends and family with the details of the offer, but there has to be a way to reach more of your friends with the message of your awesome online bargain.

Just then, it hits you! You can share the deal on all of your social media platforms and reach even more of your friends and family. And maybe they'll share the deal with their friends and family as well!

This is the idea that marketers have as well. They have a great product or service to promote or content they believe their subscribers will be excited to read, but they know there has to be a way to reach even more people with their message. This is where integrating your email marketing with social opportunities comes into play.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a method of communicating your message through an electronic mail platform. It's another digital tool available to marketers for reaching customers and prospects.

Despite the fact it has been around for many years and new online tools for sharing a marketing message have emerged, email is still a favorite choice of marketers. Why? Many reasons.

Most of us use email daily, sometimes checking it multiple times a day. That's lots of opportunity to communicate directly to your consumers and prospects and have them see and, hopefully open, your message.

Probably the biggest reason marketers continue to turn to email marketing involves a high return on investment (ROI), or the amount of money you make relative to the amount of money you spent. According to the Direct Marketing Association, emailing marketing has an ROI of roughly 4,300 percent. So, for every dollar a marketer puts in, they get $44 dollars back. That's huge!

Still, many marketers are not satisfied with email marketing as a lone tactic. They want to share their message with more and more people. And, why not? The more people who see your message, the more likely you are to generate leads and create new and lifelong customers. Fortunately, with the increase in digital and online platforms, extending the reach of your email message is easier than ever before. Here are some ideas for getting more mileage out of your email communications.

Social Sharing

If you aren't already taking this step, here's an easy one! Be certain your email message include an option for your viewers to share the content on their own social media networks. Your current subscribers likely enjoy your content or they wouldn't be subscribers, right? They probably have like-minded friends on their social media channels that would enjoy the same content.

  • Include social media buttons, which are the clickable icons for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms that enable readers to share the email content quickly and easily.

social media buttons are an easy way for viewers to share content.
Social media buttons

  • Simply ask. Ask your subscribers to share the content with their networks. Many people are willing to share, but may not think to do so on their own. There's no harm in giving them a nudge and asking them to share - the worst that can happen is that they choose not to.
  • Share your email content yourself. Cross-promote your email offering on all of your other chosen marketing platforms. You can easily pick up subscribers who are intrigued by your content in this manner.

Social Promoting

Hopefully, you are active on several social media platforms and have grown a nice following on each. Recruit new email subscribers by promoting your email content to the social media audience you've already developed. Some ideas:

  • Create a post with a link that takes viewers directly to an email sign-up page
  • Offer an incentive such as a coupon for new subscribers.
  • Have an email sign-up option right on your social media platforms, if they offer it as an option. This can be a quick way to offer your email subscription to your followers.

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