Metrics for Analyzing Call Center Performance

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  • 0:02 Performance Metrics
  • 1:10 Examples of Metrics
  • 4:20 Importance of Metrics
  • 5:12 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
This lesson will describe the importance of measuring call center performance. Will will also define several call center metrics for evaluating a call center's performance.

Performance Metrics

The call center for IT Solutions has built a bad reputation for long wait times, terrible customer service, and inability to resolve customer problems. Fed up with unhappy customers and declining sales, IT Solutions flew in customer service expert Performance Man (PM) to help whip this team into shape.

PM immediately notices that IT Solutions has not been tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), which are the measures that help a company track whether it is satisfying organizational goals and objectives. Shocked, PM tells IT Solutions that in order to evaluate success and understand where the company can improve, they must implement performance metrics. He explains that performance metrics measure the success of call center performance by tracking various aspects of call center processes.

Before giving examples of performance metrics, PM stresses that performance metrics are important in understanding the effectiveness and the efficiency of the entire call center process and customer experience.

Examples of Metrics

PM goes on to tell IT Solutions that there are numerous performance metrics, and they should choose the metrics most relevant to their call center.

Some important metrics include the following:

  • First-Call Resolution
  • Wait Time/Response Time
  • Schedule Adherence
  • Average Handling Time
  • Average Abandonment
  • Average Number of Calls Blocked
  • Customer Satisfaction

PM explains that each of these metrics are important to evaluating the performance of IT Solutions' call center.

He goes on to say that first-call resolution measures how many calls are resolved within the first call. PM tells IT Solutions to imagine that customers have to call three or four or five times to have their problems resolved. How happy would they be? You see, we know that the more times customers call, the more likely they are to become frustrated and dissatisfied.

Wait time or response time measures how long a customer is on hold. PM explains that measuring the wait time or response time will help IT Solutions to determine if the current hold times are within their predetermined acceptable range. This is important because the longer customers wait, the more likely they are to become agitated.

Schedule adherence measures how efficient the call center team members are working. Because most call centers do not count break time, bathroom time, or lunch time as active, this measure helps to determine how well the staff members are working and can assist the call center in identifying how much budget will need to be allocated to the call center.

Average handling time refers to how long it takes to answer the customer's questions or resolve the problem. This includes the time spent on hold and on the call with a representative. This measure is particularly important in understanding how efficient the call center is at resolving issues and answering questions.

Average abandonment is the number of callers who hang up while still on hold. This can help identify where IT Solutions is losing customers or increasing their frustration.

Calls blocked refers to the number of callers who receive a busy signal. Although most call centers have a holding process, the calls block metrics suggests how many calls were missed and can be an important indicator for understanding customer satisfaction.

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