Mexican Culture Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Mexico is a country filled with pride and unique traditions and celebrations. In this lesson, learn about the culture of Mexico, including the food, artwork, and special holidays that are celebrated in this North American country.

Ancient Cities

Let's head south of the border to Mexico, the country directly below the United States. Mexico has a very special culture, and much of it comes from its unique history. Mexico was home to ancient civilizations long ago. They built elaborate cities and in the center were pyramids. The pyramids were tall structures made from heavy stones, and they were used as temples. Now they are in ruins, but many people travel to Mexico each year to explore these amazing buildings.

Mexican pyramids were once the center of ancient cities.
Mexico architecture

Arts and Entertainment

The arts have been popular in Mexico for hundreds of years. Long ago, Mexicans created folk art, which included pottery and weaving of materials to create baskets or clothing.

Mexico is known for a certain type of painting called a mural. This is where an artist paints a large picture on the wall of a building. Many of these paintings use bright colors and are displayed on the outside of buildings so people walking by can see them.

Mexican murals use bright colors and are painted on large walls.
Mexican art

Music is also popular in Mexico. A common type of band is called a mariachi band, and this is where several musicians sing together and play instruments such as violins, guitars, and trumpets. They often wear black suits with designs sewn in, and large hats as well.


We celebrate our Independence Day in July, but for Mexico this holiday is celebrated in September. Mexico gained independence from Spain on September 16, so this is an important day in their culture.

Another important holiday is the Day of the Dead. This is a day to remember loved ones who have died, and it is celebrated on November 2. On this day it is common for Mexicans to visit the graves of those they are remembering. They also light candles and eat the favorite foods of those who are gone.

Let's Eat!

Food is a big and delicious part of Mexican culture! Corn is a main crop grown in Mexico, and many Mexican recipes use it as an ingredient. It is used to make tortillas, which are flat and round and pancake-like, and used in dishes like enchiladas and burritos. The tortilla is wrapped around ingredients like chicken, cheese, and beans. Mexican dishes also use many herbs, and sometimes the food can be very spicy!

Mexican food often uses ingredients such as corn, chicken, and spices.
Mexican cuisine

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