Mexican States Activities & Games

Instructor: Nora Jarvis

Nora has a Master's degree in teaching, and has taught a variety of elementary grades.

In your geography lessons, you might find yourself teaching your students about the Mexican states. In this lesson, you'll find a variety of activities and games that will engage your students.

Mexican States

The country of Mexico is made up of 31 states with a variety of geography and culture. As your students learn about Mexico and the different states that make up this country, you'll want to find activities and games that your students will learn from and enjoy as well. The following activities and games will give you a good place to start as you plan your unit.

Mexican Map

Divide your class into small groups of 3-4 students. Tell your students that they will research the different states in Mexico to create a large map on poster board, showcasing the different characteristics of each state. For instance, as they make the state Sinaloa, they might draw rivers since the state has many rivers that shape the lives of people living there as well as the environment of the area. Have your students create a key that shows what different symbols mean. You might extend this project by having your students display their maps on the walls. Then you can lead a discussion with your students in which they discuss differences and similarities between the maps.

Day in the Life

Have your students each choose one Mexican state to do their project on. They should research that state and write a biography of a fictional person living in that state. Their research might include popular occupations, whether it's urban or rural, and the environment of the area. Students will write a Day in the Life of a person in that state. Encourage your students to think about the following questions: Where would this person live? What kind of job might this person have? How does the environment affect this person's daily life?

State Categories

After your students have done sufficient research on the states, you can have them decide on ways to categorize them. For instance, they might decide to create a category for environmental characteristics, such as mountainous states, or cultural features such as states that specialize in pottery production. Encourage your students to create a variety of categories. Afterwards, discuss with your students which kinds of categories they discussed and which similarities and differences they saw.

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