Michigan Anti-Bullying Laws

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

This lesson goes over Michigan's anti-bullying laws. You'll learn where they can be found, how they define bullying, and what punishments can be instituted for a certain form of bullying.

Bullying & Michigan

By now, you've probably heard of kids being bullied online, sometimes by the parents of classmates as well as the classmates themselves! Of young people who are subjected to bullying, some cry, others refuse to go to school, and in some cases, the bullying can be so bad, some victims have committed suicide.

As bullying took new forms and began to hurt people not only in person, but over the internet, the way that bullying was dealt with needed to change, too. Thankfully, more so than ever before, U.S. states have passed numerous laws that target bullying and bullies in the recent past. Each state has their own nuances to these laws and this lesson will explore what the State of Michigan has done.

School Bullying

Michigan Compiled Laws Chapter 380, section 1310b addresses bullying with respects to schools. The law defines the concept of 'bullying at school' as:

  • An act that occurs on school premises, a school vehicle, or during a school sponsored activity that occurs in the school or on any other premise.
  • The use of a telecommunication device or service provider, even if off school premises, so long as the device and/or service provider is owned or controlled by the school district or public school academy.

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