Mobile Advertising Case Study

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Mastercard's wildly successful mobile advertising campaign surrounding its Masterpass program exceeded all expectations. In this lesson, you'll learn more about Mastercard's mobile ad campaign.

Getting in the Cab

In Singapore, the largest provider of taxi services is a company known as ComfortDelGro, boasting more than 100,000 ride requests every day. Its only problem was, in an increasingly mobile society, it was still only able to accept cash or credit card payment at the end of each customer's ride. Combine that with competition from providers like Uber, who already accepts digital payments, and you're looking at a real problem.

Enter Mastercard, a leading global payment provider. Chances are, you have one of Mastercard's logos in your purse or wallet right this minute. Mastercard proposed teaming up with ComfortDelGro to offer an electronic payment solution to the company's customers, a system known as Masterpass.

Mastercard implemented a mobile advertising campaign to reach consumers.
mobile, advertising, mastercard

In the U.S., Masterpass is a digital wallet that allows people to pay for purchases at the touch of a button, with a credit card loaded to their Masterpass account or app. The company saw an opportunity to capitalize on a need (electronic payments for taxi rides) and worked to build a mobile advertising campaign to accomplish its goal.

Mastercard's Objectives

Faced with the opportunity to grow its audience significantly through an agreed-upon partnership with ComfortDelGro, Mastercard's goals were:

  • To acquire new registrations
  • To gain new transactions
  • To recruit first-time users
  • To retain and encourage existing users

Pretty straightforward, right? Except, there are also challenges to consider when launching a campaign in a new market, namely strong competition and reaching consumers who have a treasure trove of other payment options.

Despite its entry-point with the taxi company, Mastercard hoped that its reach would extend beyond taxi riders to eventually include online shoppers. Here's what they aimed for:

  • 81,000 new customers in two years
  • 87,000 new transactions in two years
  • 70 percent conversion rate for new registrants
  • Two to five transactions monthly from existing users

The Campaign

Armed with roughly a $600,000 budget, Mastercard launched an all-mobile advertising campaign. The plan was to run it for a three-month period. Teamed with ComfortDelGro, Mastercard looked for ways to communicate with riders at the moment when they booked their ride.

To accomplish this, they implemented pop-up ads (webpages that ''ppo up'' over an existing website, in this case, ComfortDelGro's site). The ad was repeated at the bottom of the booking screen as well. The purpose of the pop-up ad was to explain how MasterPass works and the deals available to new users, including a promotion that made the first 50,000 rides free for those using the feature. Additionally, Mastercard implemented its advertising messaging inside the ComfortDelGro smartphone app, and included it in ComfortDelGro's email newsletter.

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