Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Mobile marketing is a great tool for restaurants looking to boost brand awareness and fill tables. In this lesson, you'll learn some the basics of successful mobile marketing.

Eating On the Go

We are a society always on the go: to the ballfield, the hair salon, work, social events, church and more. We're also a connected society, typically never more than a few feet away from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet on which we talk to friends, check for directions, update our social media pages and more.

Mobile marketing is a perfect tool for consumers on the go.
Mobile marketing is a perfect tool for consumers on the go.

The combination of the two: always on the go and always connected is a natural marriage for restaurants looking to branch into mobile marketing. After all, diners must travel to get to their favorite eatery or watering hole, most of the time while carrying their phones.

Mobile marketing opens up a new way to communicate with customers and patrons, and get them on the road and into your restaurant. But, how do you get started?

How to Incorporate Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing  is really just a marketing campaign carried out on a mobile device like a smartphone. Generally these campaigns would include information about the location, hours of operation, specials, coupons and other personalized information associated with your restaurant. Since more and more people are relying on their mobile devices for everything from getting turn-by-turn directions to making purchases, incorporating mobile marketing for any business just makes sense.

Mobile marketing can be conducted through a variety of channels including text and multimedia messaging, mobile applications, mobile websites, Quick Response codes and location-based advertising. Rest assured, hungry mobile users are searching for their next bite, and diving into one or all of these mobile marketing tools can positively impact your business and your bottom line.

Let's take a look at a few of these tools and how they can be used to turn mobile users into lunch or dinner guests.

Use text and multimedia messaging to your benefit. Craft a personal line of communication with your customers by using traditional text or multimedia (which allows for photos and videos) messaging. Allow customers to join your text 'club' by sending your keyword to a designated short code (a short phone number designed to allow for text campaigns). This is a great way to send coupons or special offers, highlight special restaurant events, send surveys after a dining experience or launch a loyalty program. Share your text club on your website, in your restaurant and on all of your social media channels.

Mobile applications offer many advantages as well. This could include a designed application of your own that might feature directions to your establishment, your menu and more, or advertising inside of another application such as a social media site that allows for paid or promoted ads. Advertising opportunities are also available inside of many gaming and entertainment applications.

Be sure your mobile website is up to par. Your site should be designed with mobile users in mind, and should be easy to access and navigate whether a user is on a phone, or on a desktop computer or tablet. Many times, people are seeking out a restaurant on their phone and a clean and responsive mobile website puts you one step closer to earning their business.

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