Monitoring & Controlling Phase of Project Management

Instructor: Noel Ransom

Noel has taught college Accounting and a host of other related topics and has a dual Master's Degree in Accounting/Finance. She is currently working on her Doctoral Degree.

A review of this lesson focuses on an overview and definition of the monitoring and controlling phase of the project management methodology and process.

Project Management

The monitoring and control stage of the project management process consists of the activities involved to observe the process after project implementation, identify problems and risks, and deploy a mitigation strategy to control the new process. Although the monitor and control phase and the execution phase are separate phases in project management, the two phases are conducted simultaneously. The purpose for monitoring and controlling processes is for the project team to identify potential risks that require corrective action. The early detection of project issues allows the project team to be more proactive in mitigating risks.

The Monitor & Control Process

Sam is responsible for the execution of a new process implemented by his project team. As the team begins execution of the policies and procedures, Sam begins to monitor the new process. The execution and monitoring must take place at the same time so the project team has an opportunity to escalate any business risks to the business leadership team. Once Sam identifies a project risk, the project team must follow a risk mitigation plan to resolve the issue.

The monitor and control process includes steps taken to measure the performance of the new process. As Sam monitors the new process, he looks for trends in process performance and compares trends to new performance measurements. Sam identifies a project risk and immediately begins the corrective action process. The steps involved in corrective action include recommendations for corrective action, resolution of the issue, and change requests for new process implementation.

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