Moon Activities & Games

Instructor: Jennifer Smith

Jenn has been an educator for 10 years. She has a master's degree in Teacher Leadership and a bachelors degree in Elementary Education and English Language Acquisition.

Exploring the moon can be very fun even if you are on earth! These moon activities and games will provide different ways to explore the moon and why it is so important to earth.

Moon Activities & Games

Scientists believe that the moon was created over 4.5 billion years ago when a large object hit earth and blasted a chunk off. This chunk is now known as earth's moon. The following activities will help students understand more about how the moon came to have craters, the size difference between the moon and earth, and how survival on the moon is possible but could be tricky.

Moon Craters

The moon is full of craters, but how did they get there? This fun activity will demonstrate how craters are made and why craters are all different sizes.


  • salt
  • gray tempra paint
  • tray/tub
  • different size and weighted spheres
  • ruler or tape measure

Note: Make the moon dust ahead of time. It is very simple: Squeeze the gray paint into the salt, mix well, and let it sit overnight and voila--you have moon dust.


After the moon dust is made, separate students into small groups or partners. Each group will need moon dust in a tub about three inches deep. Students will drop the different size spheres into the tub all from the same distance and record how deep and how big of a dent the spheres make. They should also note if the spheres bounced or if they simply sunk down into the moon dust. The class can discuss their findings and talk about the different sizes of spheres and whether or not these led to different results.

Different craters

craters of the moon map

How Big?

The moon is about one-quarter the size of earth. This activity will help put that size into perspective for students.


  • different sized spheres


Explain to the students that the moon is about one-quarter the size of the Earth. Assign each student a sphere, which is either the Earth or the moon. Their job is to find a person who is their match. For example if a student has a golf ball, this would be the moon. This student would have to find their matching earth--someone with a sphere that is three times larger than the golf ball.

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