Most Common SAT Vocabulary Words

Instructor: Kyle Quinn
Mastering common SAT vocabulary words is crucial for success on the exam. This lesson containing challenging questions will help you prepare to score your best on test day.

About This SAT Vocabulary section

This convenient and mobile-friendly lesson contains fun and entertaining SAT vocabulary question that will help you ace the test. It is important to master the most common SAT vocabulary words because those are the words that appear most frequently on the test. Without a solid foundation in vocabulary, it will be very difficult to achieve your goals on the SAT.

Use the quiz questions to test your knowledge and application of the word, in the context of sentences and passages. Many SAT vocabulary words have multiple meanings and variations, so it is vital that students understand the specific meaning of words in context. This is a skill emphasized in the 2016 update to the SAT.

About the Vocabulary Words

The SAT requires students to have a firm understanding of thousands of words in the English language. It is impossible to predict which vocabulary words will appear on the test, so practicing with a wide variety of words and materials is beneficial.

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