Mr. Holland's Opus Discussion Questions

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

'Mr. Holland's Opus' is a 1995 film by director Stephen Herek about a composer who accepts a high school teaching assignment while working on his masterpiece. This asset provides discussion questions about the movie.

Mr. Holland's Opus

Stephen Herek's Mr. Holland's Opus examines the meaning of success as Glenn Holland takes a job as a high school music teacher to earn a living while following his dream of being a great composer. The film follows Holland's personal and professional life over the span of 30 years during which time he suffers setbacks and accomplishes greatness without realizing it. The following questions support classroom discussions about Mr. Holland's Opus.

Making Plans

  • Describe Glenn Holland's background. What does Holland hope to accomplish when he accepts the teaching job? How is the job different from his expectations? Connect this to a time that you tried something new and found out it was different from what you expected.
  • How does the filmmaker characterize Mr. Holland's relationships with his supervisors and coworkers? Why is it important to build relationships with the people you work with? What advice would you offer Mr. Holland?
  • What is Mr. Holland's first impression of his students? How are Mr. Holland's students similar and different from the students at your school? Why do you think Mr. Holland provides extra attention to Gertrude Lang? What are the results of his efforts?
  • How does Holland react to the news that Iris is pregnant? Why does he first respond this way? How does Iris' pregnancy impact Holland's plans? What are some ways a new baby will impact a family?

Making a Difference

  • What are some changes Mr. Holland makes to his teaching methods? Why do you think he decides to make these changes? What is the impact on Mr. Holland and his students? How does the community react? What types of teachers do you respond best to? Would Mr. Holland's methods interest you? Explain your answer.
  • Describe Mr. Holland's experience teaching driver's education during summer school. Why does he accept this position? Do you think this was a good choice? Why?
  • Why does Mr. Holland take an interest in Louis Russ? How does Mr. Holland's attention impact Louis and his family? How does Louis impact Holland?
  • Why is Cole's deafness an example of irony? How does Cole's disability impact his relationship with his father? How does Holland's personal life impact his professional life? Compare Iris' response to Cole's deafness to Holland's response.
  • What is the source of conflict between Stadler and Holland? What ideas do you have for resolving their conflict?

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