Mr. Rogers in And Then There Were None

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In Agatha Christie's mystery novel, ''And Then There Were None,'' Mr. Thomas Rogers is the butler assigned to Indian Island to care for the guests. In this lesson, we'll learn more about Mr. Rogers. Updated: 10/25/2019

Mr. Rogers

Mr. Thomas Rogers and his wife, Ethel Rogers, are the first to arrive on Indian Island. However, they don't know any more about the owners of the island than the rest of the invited guests. Mr. Rogers and his wife were hired via a letter from a reputable agency to take care of the property. In the few days they have been on the island, they have yet to see their employer. That said, they have received instructions in writing regarding their job duties. Let's find out more about Mr. Rogers, one of the characters in And Then There Were None, a mystery by Agatha Christie.

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Mr. Rogers' Crime

After the guests on Indian Island have dinner, Mr. Rogers is asked to play a record entitled 'Swan Song' on the gramophone. Thinking the record contains music, Mr. Rogers is just as surprised as the other guests when the recording makes the accusation, 'Thomas Rogers and Ethel Rogers, that on the 6th of May, 1929, you brought about the death of Jennifer Brady.'

After recovering from the initial shock, Mr. Rogers tends to his wife, who has fainted, by providing her with a drink and putting her to bed, encouraging her to, 'Pull yourself together, Ethel.' Mr. Rogers vehemently denies murdering Jennifer Brady.

According to Mr. Rogers, he and his wife had been hired to care for Jennifer Brady and her home when she was ill. Mr. Rogers claims that on the night Jennifer died, medical treatment was delayed because a storm had knocked the phone out of order. However, he did walk to the doctor seeking treatment for his charge. 'There was never a word said against us. Not a word,' he tells the other guests.

Medical personnel confirmed that Jennifer Brady died of natural causes, although her attending physician suspected that neglect may have played a part. Miss Brady had heart problems that required the use of amyl nitrite when she fell ill. Most likely, the Rogers did not provide her with the medication she needed during her heart attack. The Rogers benefited from Jennifer Brady's death as she had remembered them in her will. If that scenario is true, technically speaking, Mr. Thomas Rogers and his wife did not break any laws. Should they be punished?

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